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Standox is one of Europe’s leading car paint supplier.

Standox – Made in Germany

Proudly made in Wuppertal – Standox offers excellent paint technology and high levels of practical support in more than 80 countries.

Forward thinking bodyshops using Standox can face the future with confidence, with excellent;

  • Product Systems
  • Comprehensive training 
  • And expert business consultancy.

Recommended by all leading automotive manufacturers, Standox helps you achieve perfect results, every time.


One Visit Application

Revolutionary at the time, One Visit Application does not require the refinisher to observe the usual intermediate flash-off time. This allows the bodyshop to save not only time but also energy and materials.

Many of our products- from fillers to clearcoats -can today be applied in one visit without intermediate flash off.

No compromise on efficiency and economy.

  • One visit application without flash-off.
  • 1.5 spray passes, no waiting time.
  • State of the art at Standox for 20 years, unique on the market.
  • Approved by leading automobile manufacturers.
  • Saves materials, energy and time.
  • With both Standox clearcoats as well as Standoblue and Standox basecoats.
  • And now also with the new VOC Xtra Filler.
  • All of these Standox products can be applied in one visit.


OEM Approvals

Franchised dealers or independent approved repairers using Standox can all reap the benefits of technically superior products. They can rely on paint systems that satisfy all their needs, and also meet the demanding requirements of the world’s leading car producers.

Standox has now attained approvals from all leading manufacturers, proving our products meet the quality specifications of the OEM carmakers. Naturally this makes Standox an ideal partner for bodyshops, the car manufacturers and dealers globally.

These contracted approvals set the standard for various aspects such as:

  • Product systems
  • Warranty approval
  • Training
  • Services and
  • Colour management.

Technology that works for you.

The new Standoblue basecoat blends seamlessly with the existing Standox refinishing system. An industry ideal in quality and performance, the system is designed to minimize steps and distractions.



Standox modern car paint technologies are economical, environmentally-friendly and achieve optimum quality.

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