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Nason is Engineered for Versatility and Value

The Nason® Industrial system is a compact and complete coatings package specifically formulated to meet the needs of the commercial transportation and general liquid industrial markets. It is engineered to offer both VERSATILITY and VALUE. This is achieved through the use of the latest resin technology that allows concentrated colour tints to be combined with a range of different binders to deliver the most suitable topcoat for your requirements.

New Technology Topcoats like DTM (Direct to Metal) and ISO-Free are available as part of the package. Proven technologies designed for tough environments and difficult surface conditions, like polyurethanes, acrylic and alkyd enamels are also key components of the topcoat product offering. A fully integrated offer of Primers, Activators and Thinners, is available to complement the appropriate topcoats.

Whether you are coating tractors, forklifts, machinery, trailers or steel structures, the versatility of the Nason® Industrial product range will successfully meet the needs of the coatings end use. The performance, ease of use and job cost will ensure that Nason® Industrial delivers the value you need and becomes your first choice in industrial coatings in industries such as:
•    Construction Equipment
•    Ready Mix Concrete & Hot Mix Asphalt Plants and Equipment
•    Mobile Machinery and Equipment
•    Steel Fabricators and other Metal Manufacturers
•    Rail – Locomotive, Cars, Tanks
•    Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Facilities
•    Ski Resorts/Park Rides and Equipment
•    Aluminium or Galvanised, Fiberglass or Timber, Plastics surfaces etc.

Nason Industrial 2k ZP Epoxy Primer (650-04), A two pack zinc phosphate epoxy primer filler for mild steel, fiberglass and other substrates. It provides excellent adhesion and corrosion protection to industrial machinery and equipment. Very good sanding and filling properties. Can be top coated with Nason Industrial 2K topcoat range. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

NI-640 is a quick and easy-to-use single pack acrylic enamel topcoat. It is specifically formulated to give a 1K single stage topcoat that will touch dry in normal ambient conditions within 20-30 mins depending on the temperature. It will be dry to handle (without baking) in 2-3 hours and fully hard dry in up to 7 days. NI-640 Line colours give faster drying and overall better performance, particularly gloss retention, when compared to the typical QD (Quick Dry) alkyd enamel. This is a particular advantage when painting large objects such as tractors and mining equipment. TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS

NI-610 is a “High Performing” 2 pack (2K) high gloss, isocyanate cured polyurethane topcoat based on Axalta owned technology. The resulting durable coating delivers excellent weathering and anti-corrosion properties (when applied over the recommended primers & Primer surfacers) and is suitable for use where a high-performance type of 2K PU coating is required. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

NI-680 is a 2 pack high gloss, high film build isocyanate cured polyurethane topcoat, designed for application as direct-to-metal (DTM). This product is based on Axalta patented technology resulting in a highly durable coating, which delivers outstanding weathering and good anti-corrosion properties. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

NI-690 is a 2K isocyanate-free acrylic topcoat based on amine-epoxy functional acrylic polymers. It can be applied in situ and has good resistance to sunlight exposure. This hard wearing coating with a longer exterior service life is suitable for interior and exterior applications. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

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