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The Cromax Pro paint system is designed especially for professional bodyshop performance. Based on cutting-edge technology and formulated for optimal quality and maximum efficiency, the Cromax Pro paint system improves your productivity and helps you to increase your profitability.

With its complementary products for every step of the repair process, the Cromax Pro systems enables you to achieve outstanding results. The systems’ products –  surfacer, basecoat and clearcoat – lower your material consumption and provide superior colour accuracy.

Download the latest Cromax Pro Brochure (pdf | 7.64 MB)

825R Chromate Free Wash Primer – Surfacer,  Universal wash primer-surfacer 825R from Cromax is a versatile, chromate free 1K primer-surfacer, available in ValueShade 2 (off white), and can be darkened to ValueShade 4 (medium grey) when required. 825R is VOC compliant and can be used as an etching or filling wash primer. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

PS1800 Metal Pretreatment Wipes, Based on a special acid chemistry, PS1800 Metal Pretreatment Wipes from Cromax® are ready-to-use and will make the metal pretreatment process very fast and easy. The wipes provide both adhesion and corrosion protection for the subsequent paint process. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

840R VOC Epoxy Primer-Surfacer, Robust primer-surfacer 840R from Cromax is a versatile 2K chromate-free epoxy primer-surfacer in off-white. It is VOC-compliant, offers outstanding corrosion resistance and adhesion, and meets homologation requirements of certain car manufacturers. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

PS1061 – PS1064 – PS1067 Cromax Pro Surfacer, Exceptional Valueshade Surfacer Cromax Pro PS1061, PS1064 and PS1067 are VOC-compliant surfacers that provide excellent adhesion between substrate and colour layer. Part of the Cromax Pro paint system, they are easy and economical to apply. They can be used as sanding and non-sanding surfacers for spot, panel and overall repairs on a wide variety of substrates. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

PS1081 – PS1084 – PS1087 Ultra Performance Energy Surfacer A new surfacer that breaks records for throughput. Based on new chemistry, PS1081 – PS1084 – PS1087 Ultra Performance Energy Surfacer from Cromax leads to a much more productive preparation process. It is applied without flash-off times and has a very impressive air-drying performance. It is ideal for all bodyshops who would like to break throughput records. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

NS2602 – NS2607 Non-sanding Primer Surfacer, Versatile Non-sanding Primer Surfacer NS2602-NS2607 are extremely versatile non-sanding primer-surfacers that eliminate the need for a two-stage build-up to boost productivity. They can be applied directly over metal and unsanded E-coats, as well as exterior plastic parts using the additive AZ9600. They are suitable for all Cromax topcoats. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

NS2081 – NS2084 – NS2087 Ultra Performance Non-sanding Surfacer, A Non-sanding surfacer that breaks records for throughput. Based on patented Axalta chemistry, NS2081 – NS2084 – NS2087 Ultra Performance Non-Sanding Surfacer from Cromax delivers the most productive preparation process when overcoating new parts. With a very impressive five-minute flash-off time under Cromax Pro and Cromax Basecoat, it´s ideal for all bodyshops who would like to break throughput records. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET


Cromax Pro Basecoat is the most technologically advanced waterborne basecoat available today. It uses our latest resin, pigment and dispersion technologies.


  • Excellent coverage with exceptionally accurate colour matching
  • Quick and economical to use, increasing throughput and productivity
  • Can be used with all current Cromax undercoats and clearcoats
  • Comes with a dedicated and comprehensive tints system
  • Large application window
  • Flexible to be used under different climate conditions and with different application techniques
  • Conforms to EU directive 2004/42/EC

With Cromax Pro Basecoat you get a versatile basecoat that covers quicker, gives a more accurate colour match and ultimately delivers a better end result.


CC6700 Ultra Performance Energy Clear is based on a patented Axalta resin technology. It dries extremely fast at low temperatures or in a short bake cycle. Ultra Performance Energy Clear CC6700 helps bodyshops to optimise their workflow, to save energy and to increase output, while delivering robust performance with a mirror-like, high-gloss finish. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

CC6500 High Performance VOC Clear is an all-purpose clear coat. It helps bodyshops to optimize their workflow and to increase output through its easy handling and multiple drying options, while delivering high performance with a high-gloss finish. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

696S MS II Clear is a 2-component clear based on high build resin technology, to be used in clear over base system.
Composition based on acrylic copolymer. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

ChromaClear 3050S is a versatile solventborne clearcoat with a short bake cycle, excellent hold-out and gloss retention. It is easy to use and can be applied over all solventborne and waterborne basecoats from Cromax. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

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