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Resene AquaLAQ is an innovative, waterborne, spray-applied lacquer system for cabinetry, joinery, shop fittings, kitchens, doors and the like.

The AquaLAQ system is isocyanate free, single pack and waterborne.

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AquaLAQ Quick Dry Sealer:

Extremely quick drying waterborne sealer available in clear and white.

AquaLAQ Quick Dry Sealer is a unique waterborne sealer in that it will seal off grain raising in MDF and drastically reduce sanding labour. Two coats are normally all that is required to achieve full coverage, and provide a sound, flat, and high quality substrate ready to be top coated, with minimal sanding.

The clear sealer has also been designed for use on timber and timber/paper veneers which would normally be susceptible to moisture. It is also extremely well suited to natural timbers to highlight their warmth and grain whilst providing a sealed substrate suitable for top coating.

AquaLAQ Colour Coat:

Single pack waterborne acrylic with an extremely durable finish.

AquaLAQ Colour Coat is designed to be touch dry in minutes, dries to a natural satin finish, with a smooth silky feel. The new generation rheology of the product means less work in application and reduced or eliminated sanding and reapplication. It can be top coated with AquaLAQ Clears or 2 pack urethanes if required.

AquaLAQ Colour Coat is available in the complete Resene Total Colour System, which includes Resene Metallic finishes. Special colours can be matched on request.

AquaLAQ Clear Coat:

A single -pack, waterborne clear available in three gloss levels: matte, satin and gloss.

AquaLAQ Clear Coat has excellent coverage and dries extremely fast under the correct conditions to a hard durable UV stable finish.

AquaLAQ clear coat is recommended over Colour Coat where extra durability or if gloss levels other than satin is required.

AquaLAQ Clear Coat – Soft Touch:

A single -pack, waterborne clear available in a unique soft feel finish.

A revolutionary clear topcoat which can be applied over any colour AquaLAQ Colourcoat, or over AquaLAQ clear, to provide a unique soft feel, satin smooth finish, that is highly resistant to unsightly fingerprints and other marks.

AquaLAQ Soft Touch ensures cabinets doors and furniture stays looking fresh and clean for longer. Ideal for use on “push to open” cabinet doors and drawers, as well as large surfaces.
Optimised stain resistance, hiding power, toughness, and satin-smooth surface finish, cleanable matte finish, all from a revolutionary water based coating, means this product is a gamechanger in the furniture and cabinetry market.

AquaLAQ Application Process

Contact Resene Automotive for more information on the application process.

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